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Critique to the max!

appreciate your comments 🙂

In the mood for writing something that made you think… so here goes:

If life were a movie, what category would it be?
Would you have sequels..or just the onetime thing?

How would you want to be seen?

Does it have a happy ending? Is there a plot?


Life is a script you cannot read,

A dream you never see,

Its education you cannot buy,

And endings you cannot deny.

For the accountants:

Life is your company,

Your experiences make up your goodwill,

Your negativities are liabilities,

And your actions make up your bottom line.

If life were a movie,

It would be in all categories,

There would be numerous sequels,

And only you can decide how you are portrayed and the story line goes.

Life is…

a choice,

a process,

an option.

Whether you choose to make use of it, or waste it.

Whether you choose to act selfish, happy or sad.

Whether you choose to create a situation or go with the flow.

It is your choice..

So choose wisely..

Because you only get this experience once and there are no extra tickets to another try.


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