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Low priced great fashion items on sale here:


Rotation weekly.

Also contact me if you want something made in your size!

personal style and make available.

international shipping

pictures of first round sales

casual corporate1


Hi All,

Check out the new video on a natural skin care routine

Great for wrinkle prevention, all skin types, simple, cheap, easy and MORE!

Click here to check it out now

Have trouble waking yourself up in the morning?

Haven’t gone to the loo for a few days?… something might be up..

Follow these simple easy tricks and get set for the sun shining day ahead!


Hi There!

As a fresh beginning or just a way to reform and renew my page I have set up further pages so you can search what you are looking for more easily!

With Beauty, hair and photography and dress making, there are now pages you can go to for tutorials etc.

Click on the following pictures to go to the designated pages now:

The home page will have updates on what is new and links to their pages so stay tuned and comment / message me for requests! I will be happy to receive any feedback to improve this page for you.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to enhancing your experience with this site in future.


Como Estaas!

I am about to start a new series if you are interested…

DIY natural skin and health care at home!


If you think this is for you or if you want to know simple and effective tricks that are good for you, like this post 😀



September 19th today!

All the birthdays are here and coming! it is birthday season!!!!!

Hollah if your Birthday is in the remainder of this year!


I am going to be putting up some make up looks and if you like these pics then I’ll make a quick video showing how to get the look in a simple way.

Well that’s all I have to say for now!

But remember to leave comments and like posts if you want to see more of what you like 🙂

Another day, another dollar

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