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Great make up brush cleaning methods!
so easy and quick!


Clean brushes = clean skin = great glowing skin!

Use simple products to create simple make up brush cleaners!



Try it out and tell me how you go!

I use these daily and they work extremely well!

simply put into a spray bottle and you’re good to go!

Click here or find it in the Recipes available

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In the mood for writing something that made you think… so here goes:

If life were a movie, what category would it be?
Would you have sequels..or just the onetime thing?

How would you want to be seen?

Does it have a happy ending? Is there a plot?


Life is a script you cannot read,

A dream you never see,

Its education you cannot buy,

And endings you cannot deny.

For the accountants:

Life is your company,

Your experiences make up your goodwill,

Your negativities are liabilities,

And your actions make up your bottom line.

If life were a movie,

It would be in all categories,

There would be numerous sequels,

And only you can decide how you are portrayed and the story line goes.

Life is…

a choice,

a process,

an option.

Whether you choose to make use of it, or waste it.

Whether you choose to act selfish, happy or sad.

Whether you choose to create a situation or go with the flow.

It is your choice..

So choose wisely..

Because you only get this experience once and there are no extra tickets to another try.


Natural Eyeliner recipe! my favourite!

Beauty By Britanie

There are many amazing eyeliners on the market but many of them contain extremely harmful ingredients. I have searched for really clean eyeliners that work well and don’t irritate my eyes and although I have come across a few eye pencils that I do love, my current favorite gel eyeliner from 100% Pure that I use regularly. I also like the idea of having my own back-up recipe in case I run out of the eyeliner or if I just want an even more natural eyeliner to use. I really love to create glamorous, cat-eye looks. I was tempted to make something myself that was not only affordable but easy to create, that would last me all day! Let’s face it, raccoon eyes are not ideal!

I decided to try Activated Charcoal as I have bottles of the capsules around my house (activated charcoal has amazing benefits for the stomach…

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AWESOME! something to try 🙂

My Time Well Spent


  1. First you will need to start off with white roses, as many as you want though you will have to make them one at a time.
  2. Step 2

    Next you need to split the stem using scissors. Split it into the number of different colors you want it to have.

  3. Step 3

    Now you need to put a couple of drops of food coloring into different containers of water. Use as many colors as you want. The more food coloring you use, the darker and more concentrated the color will be on the rose. I used “neon” colors so it would be brighter.

  4. Carefully place each part of the stem into a different container. I suggest pouring the water into smaller containers as the containers will have to be very close to each other for this. each rose will have to have its own set of cups and colors. Sorry I dont have a…

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Stud it up!

Mode e Vita

Studs! Ze zijn tegenwoordig weer helemaal in. De mooie glitter steentjes, Goude torentjes etc. Het kan een basic item heel origineel maken, en duur is het niet. Ik ga je Stap voor Stap uitleggen hoe het werkt. Kijk maar naar deze Vans. Doe jij mee?



Je hebt nodig:

  • Een paar Basic Vans
  • 150-200 paar studs (spikes)
  • E6000 Adhesive 1 seconde lijm
  • Ijs stokje
  • tandenstokervans3

Stap 1:

Begin met een beetje lijm op het houten popsiclestokje te doen. Een kleine hoeveelheid per keer voorkomt dat de lijm te snel droogt. Met behulp van de punt van een tandenstoker, doe je een kleine klodder lijm op de rug van een spike.


Stap 2:

Begin met het lijmen van de studs op je Vans. Begin langs de rand zodat je goed uitkomt hoe dichter je bij de veters komt. De volgende rand komt er schuin op te staan.


Stap 3:

blijf zo…

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