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Secrets to Success – In Work and Life

Posted on: July 30, 2012

Application is the hard part, but in theory the steps to success are relatively easy.

  1. Make goals
  2. Set a deadline/target of when you want to achieve this by
  3. Proactively take steps to achieve these goals and make a plan
  4. Get onto it! Start the work and try to finish before your deadline.
  5. By the end, you should have achieved your goal


It’s easier said than done. But we all know that these are the preliminary steps to achieving goals, targets and getting the most out of life.


Sure there are some hiccups along the way. Obstacles are things everyone faces, but you allow time to overcome them with the most efficient and effective solution. With problems, you need the best solution. Throughout our lives we face many of them, so make sure you allow yourself to move on. There’s nothing worse than putting all your time and effort on an obstacle you face and then forgetting about your primary goal.


And always remember, nothing is easy. If your goals are harder to achieve for most, there is a good reason. Why? Well let’s take an example:


Goal: Starting a new job. I want to be the CEO of this company in 7 years.


Possible? Yes

Difficulty = high!



Don’t you think that if it was just that easy, then everybody would be able to make that goal and achieve it just with the snap of their fingers?


It is vital that you put in the work to achieve the similar level of outcome.


And, we all know time is of the essence. But! Make it work! Prioritize and make time for what is important to you. If everything is important, then don’t sleep! … you need sleep for your brain to function properly… so make sure you get rest. But just get on with.


What I have found?

Well since the television was introduced, you find that you cannot get a lot done in the house. Hear me out! I am NOT saying to get rid of your TV, but just use your time wisely. There is only 24 hours in the day, and only so much you can do. While watching TV, you think you are resting, but in fact, your mind is active the whole time trying to piece together what you are watching. That is why you are exhausted after watching a full day of TV.


What I’m trying to say is this: make sure TV doesn’t rule your life. You need to have the will to move towards your goals rather than make excuses for not achieving them! This is how you will get the most out of life itself.


What’s more?

Well that’s it!


Let me show you two scenarios, just for fun:



  • 6am Get up and get ready
  • 7am Go to work
  • 6.30pm Come home from work
  • Watch 30mins of tv while doing some chores in the ads
  • 7pm Cook
  • 7.30pm Eat
  • Bake cupcakes
  • Make chocolate truffles
  • Clean out the kitchen cupboards
  • Do the dishes
  • Get your clothes ready for the next day
  • Make a card
  • Make a YouTube video
    • And all before 10.30



  • 6am Get up and get ready
  • 7am Go to work
  • 6.30pm Come home from work
  • Eat
  • Watch TV
  • Go to bed  10.30


Not only is #1 more productive with more done in the same space of time, but you get to break that same old boring everyday routine that gets you in a rut. And this is possible for all!


I have a saying I go by, and I know you shouldn’t compare yourself to others because everyone goes through different life experiences and that effects people in different ways.


But! Here it is:


‘If they can do it, I can’


What’s stopping you from being the next Einstein of the world today?


Try and answer that without an excuse



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