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The future of technology and what it will mean for individuals, society and the community

Posted on: June 26, 2012

Technology has taken over our world (especially its introduction to generation Y), with exponential growth. We now rely on capability and the convenience of technology for basics – communicating, writing and learning. This is how Google, YouTube, Facebook and even the cell phone has become engrained into every action we move forward with. Exploring both benefits and fallbacks of technology, we can see what impacts are left on individuals, societies and communities. To further detail what is encapsulated in this after-thought, we will venture into the possibility of the human mind, changing behaviors and how we are to grow with the change without letting it control our every motion.

What would you do without technology by your side? It seems to be making the world go around. We communicate using Text messaging, Skype, calling, leaving a comment on our blogs or facebook pages. But really, all we are doing is sitting being a screen. No matter what, the essence and depth of conversation is taken out by the plain fact that technology has made it more convenient for us to do this. A simple thing of talking to someone face to face; it seems our character is completely changed by this. We may appear to be enthusiastic in text, but what about in reality? Is this leading to false impressions? If it has such an impact on just communicating between 2 or more people, what about other things? Passive action has overtaken proactive action in way of ‘getting the job done’.

We see that people seem rather handicap when they are without their phones, computers or even their USB. Our lives seem to be on these devices: pictures, conversations, stories, friends, curriculum vitae, Certificates etc. Here’s a thing to note: when you think of ‘innovation’, does it involve technology? Why wouldn’t it? Technology and its vast growth in such a short time span encourage us to think that its capability is much more and almost extraterrestrial, but what about development of ourselves?

This is a known fact: ‘We only use 10% of our brains’. So, if we are focusing/depending so much on technology, how will we develop the other areas of our brains: memory and concentration for instance. We don’t require these currently because we have devices to remind us with alarms and notes. Constantly, we delegate tasks to this ‘technology’ so that the amount we use our brain reduces? …Seems like we are going the wrong way. Through growth of such an efficient tool, we are losing our capabilities to think rationally, find answers and improve our ways mentally, because all of this information is at our fingertips on Google and the remainder of the World Wide Web. This also instigates that the way we learn is changing: using more of visual aids (e.g. YouTube) than textbooks. I am not saying that this method is incorrect or controversial to what should be. It is merely an observation that has happened and has a global impact – changing the way people think. This would also affect marketing, the way in which business is conducted, the way the buyers and sellers markets are operating and the way in which we are influenced through speech and illustrations.

Although there are many implications of technology, these are all we have to consider. For instance, screens affect our eyes and therefore we (as individuals) have higher medical costs. It’s not just that simple. You may be thinking ‘My eyes are great. I’m never going to get glasses because I eat a lot of carrots’. Whatever you may be thinking, this affects us all: together as a community, society, nation or WORLD.

An increase in technology means an increase in advances. Great! Better medical care, better services, more efficient practices, a continuous developing scheme when it comes to economic operations and performance. But, there is a saying: ‘Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing’. An increase in these advancements means that the prices we pay as customers are also going to increase. We must pay for the quality we wish to buy! Why? There are costs of advancing, updating systems and ongoing maintenance cost. There is the additional strain of knowing that our incomes are not going to increase at the same rate as these prices. There will be job reductions because it will be cheaper to implement machines than human labor (also with less human error).

Could this lead to a larger gap in society? There will either be high income earners or low income earners. This mid-range will cease to exist and with that there will be more worldwide devastation. I thought the idea of it was to help and bring improvements to the way we do things now. But is that idea more suited to those to just want to make money? How about thinking of those who cannot afford such progression? Everything’s well when we wish for the world to change and that equality should be there in all nations, but in reality what is happening? Do you remember the quote ‘be the change you wish to see’? This facade brought about by technology has almost clouded our judgement to act more selfishly without realizing.

Of course there are better innovations and ideas brought about to improve what we already have. But isn’t it useless if we are not in control of our everyday operations? This dependency outlines our habits, controls and progression to who we are/going to be. For instance, who has heard of this amazing new product: Gorilla Glass. Personally, I think it is amazing! There are going to be many benefits of this such as receiving information readily at any time. Have you thought maybe, what about model compatibility? How about security issues?

Imagine your house is burgled. But now, they don’t only take your material objects from within the house, they also take your bank details, identity on any social network you may be on or even your passport details – all readily available on the internet. You may feel freer to use these applications in your own home, but how safe is it really when in reality burglars are not even stopped from burglar alarms? It’s something to think about.

I am not doubting the way technology has helped us progress with, for example, more efficient and practical ways of communicating information. It would be just great if there was a worldwide (common) social network, rather than having these hundreds of blogs, photo galleries and other networks. What if they were all amalgamated into one? You’d only have to go to one place to update your status, write and receive emails and converse with friends and family.

The only thing missing now is that we need more active interaction that passive. We can do this while developing other areas of our brains too: by improving in the Arts – using both sides of the brain to improve and use more than the norm of 10% of our brains we are currently using. ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ isn’t it?

Ponder on this: How do we improve with this exponential change that technology brings with its evolution?


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