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Global Warming in NZ and around the world!

Posted on: June 26, 2012


Around the world we see there are changes taking place: with season, nature, storms, and disasters. All of these are changes that create devastation and there nothing we can do about it. The global warming crisis has just begun and we are struggling already. Changes we see in New Zealand (NZ) are: how the hole in the ozone layer affects us (cancer and the harsh UV rays that cause skin to burn before we even feel the heat), rising tides and changes in seasons (timing and more severe magnitudes of temperatures than before), just to name a few. If there is such a dramatic change seen in one small country, how about the entire world? News reports verify that tornadoes are more frequent, seasons and the temperatures are more severe, tides cause smaller islands to be flooded and tsunamis are more common than fish and chips on Fridays. Looking at the causes, the actual problem and what we can do about these issues, let’s identify a way we can contribute in minimizing the crisis we are all going to have to face.

‘What are the actual problems? Who cares about global warming? It’s fine that Antarctica is falling to bits like ice in a glass of coke, on a hot summer’s day.’ That’s probably what you’re thinking now. I know that one individual can’t help in making a change or implementing a solution for this problem, but it is still worth thinking about.

We face a deteriorating ozone layer. This means we are now more prone to skin cancers and getting burnt rather than having a suitable warm atmosphere for which we thrive, like yeast in a slightly warm climate. This leads to higher medical cost, more taxes to pay, higher insurance payments and also many years of personal suffering. Not to mention, you are being a burden on your family and friends because they will have a part in looking after you. So those are the plus sides. What about some positive outlooks? Maybe there will be an evolution of future species that can thrive in this kind of climate in future. Ultimately, the human species will be remembered as the dinosaurs once were and the world will be a new place again.

Islands are sinking everywhere. Nowhere to be found, the rising sea levels hide what were once tropical destinations. Why is this? The ozone layer packs in the bad fumes, heating up the world like a bag of microwave popcorn. The coldest areas (where there is ice) start to melt and add to the water collection of the sea. Sea level rises and hence there is no more land left. With the human population increasing by the second, there is no more room left! We are like little match sticks packed into a tightly woven matchbox! So, do we choose lifestyle? Or, nostyle? Either we ignore our desires (things we buys and are produced by releasing gases which build up this warm air) or we live like stick men (in smaller cubby hole houses/rooms, ignoring the luxury there once was). What a decision. Now you’re probably thinking ‘we’ll think about that when the circumstances come to that.’ Guess what? It already has. If you’re not prepared, you might as well grow some gills and change your thriving body temperature to one that suits the ocean.

Have you noticed that seasons are coming at odd times? You may have expected winter to start in May, but in reality, it’s still summer in June. What’s going on there? Off your schedule? It may pay to look into the cause and stop presuming change of seasons when they use to occur. It’s time to go with the flow, literally. Even the magnitudes of temperatures have fluctuated to the point you are no longer prepared for; winters are colder and summers put the sting on bees. Why should be deal with this? Karma! The idea ‘what goes around, comes back around’.  Needless to say, nature is giving to us what torment we gave to it. You see a rise in number of tornadoes. Heck! There have been tornadoes in Auckland, NZ, which has NEVER happened before! Snow in Wellington is starting to become a trend. Tsunamis wave hellos when they pass through largely populated cities, so they can visit the majority in one go. How much more chaos is still to come?

How have we aggravated this situation? Well, we produce in large factories. Economies survive on these productions lines that pollute our air and in turn start destroying the environment we live in. But, it’s all about the money now isn’t it? NZ’s biggest export is dairy. A large number of farms, with lots of farting cows, fill our fridges with great tasting cheese, milk and butter. It is highly unlikely to stop these habits. Why? It will devastate NZ’s economy. How will the people of NZ then live? Standard of living will decrease leading to more poverty, rise in crime, increase in unemployment and the list goes on. We require these businesses and factories to carry on in their production. Now it is a necessity rather than a want. This is also the case for many other industries and this is how our world goes round.

What can we do? Nothing. We can’t stop producing, cutting down jobs and start to live in a minimalist world. If we did, everyone in the world would have to train their minds to not want anything more that their meals in the say and some rags to put on. And that does not sound realistic at all! But to get you thinking, what are ways to tackle this major issue? You may be surprised that this is a problem that requires consideration of a lot of viewpoints and needs to be addressed quickly. Because of this it is extremely difficult to arrange for something to be done. Businesses are acting now in a more environmental way with carbon credits and zero harm. This is great for reducing emissions. But in the end, we are all on the same boat. This change is inevitable and we need to prepare for the worst.


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