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Simple trick that works! reduce/prolong undereye bags and wrinkles

Posted on: May 1, 2012

It is soooo simple to do yet no one really believes it because it is so simple…

Sounds weird I know..

Well all it is… is ice.

That’s right… don’t stop reading because you’re thinking whatever… this is not going to work… but I’ll tell you how it does work…

The skin area under your eyes is relatively thinner than that on your face and even more thinner than the skin on your body (hence why people use different creams for each area)..

So… this means that due to the multiple nerves under this eye area, the outlook can be easily damaged when you aggravate the eye area by rubbing etc.

You get dark circles and puffiness when the nerves have been aggravated or are inflamed due to lack of sleep or strain.

To calm these nerves you need to cool them.

It doesn’t matter if you use cold cotton pads (aka. get a bowl with ice and put in the cotton pads so they cool, enough to cool the nerves but not too harsh to damage your under eye skin), tea bags, cream etc…

All that needs to be done is the cooling.. that’s right.

Sound too cheap and simple?

Why don’t you try it and let me know how it works for you because I’m convinced this has made quite a difference to those I do facials on.

It would be great to hear whether this worked for you or even if you’re going to try it.

I’ll make a quick video for you on this very soon 🙂


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